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Hi! 👋 Good to have you here

How can I help you ?

I have been designing digital products from discovery to delivery and providing guidance to organizations for more than 10 years.

Areas of expertise

I can help you with front integration, design prototypes, improve your conversion rates or set up a cohesive design system.

Generative research : Focus group/itw, Field study, Personas, User journey, Tasks flows, Competitive audit, Use cases, Value proposition, Moodboard, Culture-based user interface design

Evaluative research : Usability studies, Heuristic review, Focus group/itw, Metrics analysis, Taxonomies, Quant/Qual UX research.

Tools : Userzoom rweb Analytics Lookback Hotjar Prototypes Videos, pdf or spreadsheets for findings presentation

Information architecture, Personas, Empathy maps, Storytelling / user journey, Wireframes, Interactive prototyping, Art direction / branding, Holistic & multidisciplinary approach

Figma FramerX HTML, CSS & JS Proto Pie(IxD)

Conversion of kpis into design strategy, Growth Design, Metrics analysis, A/B Test, Conversion optimization design, Product strategy, Competitive audit, UX Design consultancy, QA & iteration.

Object Oriented UX, Streamlined design handoff to dev, Support to front integration, Components Library creation, GIT, Visual design & illustration.

Frameworks : React React native Storybook Styled-component Angular Ruby on Rails Bulma Tailwind Saas

Project management, Governance and process definition, Design system for various UI platforms, Components Library creation, Design validation (Quant/Qual), Product/Feature Roadmap, UX Design consultancy, QA & iteration, Languages (I speak Spanish, English and French), Full Service Delivery, Design complexity management and facilitation.

Currently learning...

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Side projects

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Alongside my design activities I like to paint and play music.

see the stuff I crafted (currently updating website...)
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