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sharemos hero case study







Two-side marketplace for people willing to rent any kind of item. Wherever. It was designed to be the airbnb of things.


Price comparators, ecommerce & content, CRO, UI/UX improvements, Front-end Dev


I am still working on this case study. Please come back in a few weeks !

UX methodology and deliverables

    UX research

  • Business Context Analysis
  • Service definition, context map
  • Customer lean development
  • Usability Engineering
  • Primary research, testing
  • UX Planning
  • Deliverables
    UX Brief, Experience Map, personas, engagement definitions, strategy, research Information Architecture

    UX design

  • Interaction Design (IxD)
  • Interaction Flows (IX)
  • Prototype
  • Visual and Information Design
  • Design for internationalization
Branding, layout, graphics, style guide - Value proposition - Product Strategy - Task analysis - Product Roadmap - Competitive Audit - User Interview - Concept Testing - Field Study - SWOT Analysissharemos experience ad bike


  • Design integration in Rails environment
  • Github
  • CSS3 Sass, Compass, Susy Grids
  • Focus on browser compatibility
  • Coffeescript (basic)
  • Responsive design
  • Internationalization
sharemos experience ad guitar


We planned internationalization of the the product in the earliest phase of the design and development. This allowed a better scalability and a faster roll out.sharemos case study hero image

user flows

App design (Android)

sharemos case study hero image

Android App prototype

  • Users flows
  • Users flows prototype (Marvel)
  • App Book (for Dev Team validation)
  • Interaction Design (IxD) (Pixate/Floid)
  • Assets and follow-up


  • Product Roadmap Strategy
  • Company Strategy
  • Retention / Engagement Metrics
  • Funnel Acquisition Metrics
  • Revenue Model
  • Resource Allocation
  • Financial Metrucs
  • Communication